HABU HQ is reopening 1st July 2020.
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    HABU is an acronym for “Hook A Brother Up” which is the philosophy behind everything we do.  We’re all about good will and great waves, it’s how we want to run our company, if it doesn’t feel like a hook up, we’d rather not.

    HABU was founded by Erik Coleman, a surfer, and Simone Grace, a designer, and was inspired from necessity.  The company’s origins are in the Southern town of Galle, Sri Lanka, an area rich in waves but lacking a decent selection of surf gear. Spotting the opportunity was easy.

    Honouring the everyday surfer, life in the sun and our wonderful oceans, HABU offers an alternative to the flash and fleeting trends of today’s fashion industry. HABU is high-quality surf gear for people like us.  HABU is for the old saltys who have spent the better part of their life on the beach and for the people we used to be, the brothers and sisters frothing on their first waves.  We aspire to be the local legend who rips on some quiet peak further down the beach, the dude who’s skill is evident but prefers not to parade it around a crowed line up.  Our look is intentionally understated, we want to be recognised for how our products feel, how they perform, how they last, not for an emblazoned logo.

    One of the first things the directors agreed on when entering this business, apart from doing as much “product testing” as possible, was that we wanted to be a responsible company. We wanted to work towards and promote solutions.

    The external factors involved when attempting to stay true to this aim have meant that we haven’t always felt in control. Sustainable is hard. The proximity of material manufacturer to clothing production factory, to distribution centre, to customers, has been something we’ve been struggling with. The production of the materials themselves is another mine-field, even when you think you are doing right you might be doing wrong- some organic threads need shed loads more resources to be produced and is recycled polyester a good thing when it still adds to the micro fibre issue?

    It requires a ceaseless commitment to do the best we can.  Companies like Patagonia are our inspiration and we will strive for that continually evolving model of corporate responsibility.

    We feel we have started off on the right foot. We have chosen the board short and rashie fabrics for our first two seasons very carefully, and we are taking no short cuts in the production of our gear.

    We know there is more which can be done and we look forward to being able to do better as knowledge and systems improve. What we can always promise is that we will make the best product we can.  For us the most controllable step to sustainability is to produce kit that lasts.

    Buy quality and buy less.

    We understand that our customers have to invest a little more for this process to work and we thank you all for your support.